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Youth Clubs and Groups

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If you are running a youth club or youth group of any kind we would love to hear from you. You may already have a youth panel within your group and one or two of your members could become part of a local Youth Advisory Board.

If you are keen to develop youth voice within your club or group and would like some support from us please do get in touch, we are happy to help.

Youth Engagement Partnership’s Youth Voice Award

The Youth Voice Award has been designed to celebrate and improve children and young people’s participation in organisations they encounter during their lives. The Youth Engagement Partnership are offering this opportunity to any service, organisation or local facility that has regular contact with children and young people in order to improve young people’s experience and to celebrate and disseminate good practice.

A toolkit has been developed by the local authority which, together with the support offered by the team, will assist the host organisation to be successful. If your organisation decides to take part, you will be fully supported by the Youth Engagement Partnership Coordinator and a team of Young Inspectors. These trained young people will work with the host organisation and reward success by presenting the successful candidates with a Youth Voice Award certificate.

Contact us if you are a club or youth group